FAQ (Candidates)

+How can I apply for a position?
We have multiple ways to apply for a job, but the best way is to click on the listing and apply directly online. This way we will be notified of your application and it will also be added to your specific industry. Alternatively you can send us your CV via e-mail to info@oiledoslutions.co.za with a detailed description of the specific job you are applying for.
+Can you assist me in finding a job?
Oiled Solutions does not job hunt for candidates, we find suitable candidates for for our clients.This means the best way to get a job through oiled solutions is to apply for a specific job online. The only available positions offered by Oiled Solutions is on the list.
+Can I apply for more than one job?
Yes you can providing that you are qualified for the position and have the skill set required as specified on the ad. We will not consider your cv if you do not have the skill set required for the job, so please only apply within your qualification and skills set.
+How do I know if my CV has been received and I am selected for further processing?
Our system is completely automated and we are notified the minute you upload your cv. A consultant at Oiled Solutions will contact you if your cv suits the criteria and further processing is possible/required.
+Can I send my CV/Resume via fax or traditional mail?
No. Our system is automated and applicants must apply via our portal for specific jobs as advertised on the various job sites, our web site and other listings. We will however accept a detailed CV via E-Mail (send to info@oiledsolutions.co.za)
+Will Oiled Solutions prepare me for the interview process?
Yes. Oiled Solutions will prepare you in all aspects of the interview process to ensure the best possible end-result  for your application. We can however not guarantee any placement as this decision is made by the employer.