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This province only holds 1.4% of South Africa’s total land area. However, it is densely populated and contributes 33.3% to the major domestic product. The main insurance companies are located here, as is the JSE, and a great many stockbrokers National, and also a great number of international banks have their head offices here. Telecommunications & technology, as well as all forms of media, are more greatly developed in Gauteng than anywhere else in Africa.

Johannesburg (JHB):

If Gauteng is the business centre of Africa, Johannesburg is the business centre of Gauteng. Most mining companies have their headquarters in Johannesburg; there are also many manufacturing plants, including such heavy ones as steel and cement; other industries include, banking, internet technology (IT), real estate, transport, broadcast, print media, private health care, transport, leisure, consumer retail and numerous recruitment agencies in jhb.

Pretoria (PTA):

Pretoria is the national administrative hub of South Africa. The core government departments all have their headquarters here. While being a key commercial centre, Pretoria is also an important industrial centre. There are iron and steel works here as well as copper casting; railway carriages, automobiles and heavy machinery are manufactured here too.